Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today is the real start. I have my diet plan and workout schedule for the full month of July. Thank you Carroll!

The diet piece will take a lot of some getting used to. I downloaded My Fitness Pal to my iPhone to track my calories. (Emma, when your phone comes you should totally download it. It's free!) I just had to adjust the calorie intake to allot for what Carroll gave me as a daily target. I don't want to over think food. I have been known to just think about food all day when trying to watch what I eat. All day I'm thinking "I really want  ______." Eventually I give up and binge. I want to make some grand statement... THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT! But really, how many times can you say that and still take yourself seriously? This time, my actions will speak for themselves, and I'll skip the big dramatic proclamation. haha.

At some point today I'll be doing my first day of P90X. Wish me luck.

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