Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 17
Cardio X
Calories: ??  *1 Pepsi

I didn't track my calories yesterday. I started half the day, and just haven't done the other half. If I don't track it as I'm eating, sometimes I don't remember. I will try to plug through that later on. For now I'm just going to say it should be neatly under 1800. I've gotten pretty good at judging how much I can eat in a day, so that's nice to not have to keep looking up food.

Cardio X was last night. I did not want to do it. Yesterday was filled with lots of unnecessary drama, and what I really wanted was to relax on the couch with a few beers. I didn't do it though. I did Cardio X, with a little less fire than I've been putting forward, but I finished. I have been thinking of asking Carroll if one of my Cardio X days can be a different type of Cardio. For example, Spinning or running on the arc trainer. Etc. Cardio X felt boring last night, but it was the second night in a row & I was in a shitty mood. So I should just ignore the negative feelings.

Tonight is Spartan 300, and I'm looking forward to it for once. I'm going to play by the rules. Do the workouts in the order they are listed, and not modify until it's completely necessary. Wish me luck. xo

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