Sunday, July 22, 2012

Days 20 & 21

General Update

I'm tired exhausted. My body & mind. Just completely drained. I've been taking Osteo Bi Flex for maybe a week now to help the aches in my joints, my knees specifically, and really haven't felt any relief. I hope it eventually kicks in and does something for me. When I come down the stairs in the morning I feel like I'm 80 years old. I'm having a negative few days but I know I just need to push through it.

Day 20
Skipped :(

I was not feeling well at all. Skipping wasn't really a choice. I was not able to work out. I will try to make up this workout at some point during the week. 

Day 21
Day 7 Workout
Time: 25:45
Calories: Unsure

Day 7 workout. I still wasn't feeling good, but I didn't want to skip two days in a row and be that far behind again. At almost exactly halfway through the workout I had to stop to help Mathieu with something while he was fixing my brakes. It didn't take long.. maybe 5 minutes. I had paused my clock during the break, and started it back up.

That is sort of just the reality when it comes to doing workouts at home when you have a husband, a kid, and two dogs. There are plenty of interruptions. I usually get pretty frustrated when I'm interrupted, but I really need to let go of that.   

Food: Breakfast was a strawberry banana smoothie made with greek yogurt, strawberries, bananas, ground flax seed and a splash of orange juice. This smoothie was almost 400 calories. Holy crap! I had no idea there would be that many calories. Anyhow, the reason I am unsure of calories is because I ate out. I have absolutely no idea how to track the calories I ate. I had beef teriaki with noodles and a little rice. It wasn't like your typical greasy chinese food... it was more like real steak teriaki. In any event, I ate what I ate and I don't know how to track it. I also had my 2 beers for the week. Two Sam Summers. I chose to just go home after dinner because the rest of the night I would just be faced with more food and a lot more beer. I went to bed at 8pm.

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