Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 16
3 mile walk, ab ripper ex, cardio x (makeup for skipping over the weekend)
Carlories: 1,375

Despite the heat yesterday, I went for my 3 mile walk during my lunch break. My pace was slower, but I'm pretty sure my heart-rate was up because of the heat. I sweat my ass off, then had to go back to work... but that's okay. My coworkers are used to it. :) Here are my results: 3.40 miles in 52:36

When I got home from work, I cooked dinner... A terrible unhealthy dinner, because that's all that was in the house. But, I had really small portions and managed to keep my day's calorie count really low. So there's that. For lunch I only had 3/4 of a green bell pepper and a tuna to-go packet. So, at least it wasn't unhealthy all day.

After Patrick went to bed I did Ab Ripper X. I was really excited because some of the parts that I couldn't even do a single repetition of the first time I tried the DVD, I was able to eek out 3 or 4. Some I still couldn't do at all, but I'm not quitting, so there's that.

After that, I took a 10-15 minute rest, got myself some water, and popped in Cardio X! So, I was able to make up one of the workouts I skipped over the weekend. Last night I was able to cross two days off my calendar, and it felt great. Tonight is Cardio X, and I still need to fit in the Day 7 workout that I skipped over the weekend, But I'll get to it.

Also- my knee's have been bothering me over the past week. I think it's all the squats? I started taking this:

It's helped in the past, it's just so damn expensive. Hopefully it will take care of me this time too.

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