Monday, January 28, 2013

Moving on over to word press...
If you're reading this - come join me over there!

Uhh, try a shopping list maybe.

The first two weeks of this challenge was easy peasy. Nothing but healthy meals and snacks, hit the gym including cardio and weights like a champ & found myself incredibly motivated to continue. I just wrapped up week 3 with the official weigh in yesterday. Over the course of the last 3 weeks I have lost 5.27% of my body weight. I’m really proud of that number; except – that was the same number I had when I unofficially weighed in mid-week. (I’m a bit of an obsessive weigh-er).

Somewhere about midweek my previously killer workout turned into just doing 50-60 minutes of Cardio and then heading home without touching the weights. That’s absolutely a no-no. Also, the calorie counting got a bit lax. What the heck is that about? You work so hard to build a healthy habit and in just one lousy day it can all fall apart. I suppose that’s more to do with mental toughness.

Every week moving forward will be a test of my will. I’m ready for the gut check. My goal for the day is to put together a shopping list and meal plan for the coming week. I’m notorious for starting strong with healthy eating habits, and then slowly letting it falter. When you’re really hungry, and you don’t have a lot of options, it’s very easy to say “to hell with it” and order a pizza. Not OK anymore. 

Yes. Meal planning. I’ll get on that!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Deja vu

I feel fantastic today. It's absolutely freezing outside, and has been that way most of this week. Usually, that makes me want to curl up on the couch, eat soups, stews, comfort foods etc while watching mindless tv and passing the time. However this week after working, cooking dinner for the family & getting my little man snuggly into bed -- I've hit the gym. The place has been a ghost town this week because no one wants to venture outside. Being there makes me feel like I'm conquering the lazies.

My hard work has paid off. I have lost 11 pounds since the start of this challenge. That's 5.37% of my body weight - not too fucking shabby, if you ask me!

I was joking with Emma not too long ago that I know I have said (many times in fact) that this time feels different. This time it's going to stick. As the words leave my lips...err...fingers, I almost want to laugh at myself. But I'm not going to. I won't turn what I'm feeling into a joke.

I'm exploring new ways of eating. I'm exploring new foods that are healthy yet incredibly satisfying (who knew?) I have not had that familiar feeling of deprivation since starting this challenge.  That is something I want to hold on to.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remember that time...

Oh yah, remember that time last summer when I swore it was going to be the last time I battled with my weight? Well, I fucking failed again and gained it all back -- in 6 months.

I'm not here making any grand proclamations, I'm just taking 1 day at a time and trying my best to make better choices. I want to be thinner. I want to be healthier. I want to be a positive example for my son. I want to be more attractive to my husband. I want I want I want.

I looked into the "Smallest Winner" competition at my gym (YMCA). Well, it costs $480. $480 that I don't have. So I started brainstorming... HOW can I get myself motivated? I'm competitive as all hell, so I needed someone to challenge me. I talked with Sherry and Emma. Gauged their interest in a little friendly competition. Why not have our own Biggest Loser Challenge? They were in, and we were all able to rally some other women to get on board. A $50 buy in, two month competition to see who can lose the highest % of weight. There is $650 in the pot.We're two weeks in and I'm doing really well. If my past has taught me anything, it's that I can really kick ass for a few weeks before I lose steam. I'm not going to over analyze this whole challenge, I'm just going to ride the wave. Put my faith in my strength of will, and pray like hell that I can get this done this time.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Results Are In!

I'm not going to jerk you around here. My results:              

                        July 1                           August 1
Weight:           197.2                            186.4
Thighs:             R 26" / L 26.5"            25.5 / 25.5   
Butt:                 43"                              42
Hips:                45"                               43.5
Belly:               44"                               42
Waist:              39"                               37.5
Bust:               43"                                41
Chest:             *did not measure           36.5
Biceps:            R 14" / L 13"                13.5 / 13

I am beyond psyched to see real results in black and white. I have felt the results over the past few weeks, but you never know what you're going to see in the numbers.

I should have started my August workout plan yesterday on the 1st. Instead, I went and did 45 minutes on the arc trainer at the gym. My reason was because day 3 on my calendar would land on a Friday every week. It's interval training meaning I will need access to stadium stairs for running.

Friday is boys night out for my husband, which means this would be nearly impossible for me to complete. So by putting off my start for 1 day, my interval training will be every Saturday which fits perfectly into my schedule. Yay!

Congratulations to my partner in this, Emma, for also making July her bitch! Cheers to August, I'm coming for you!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have slacked in my blogging for the past week. I've had other things weighing heavily on my mind. In any event, I'm not sure when I did what. I do know that I have stopped calorie counting in the formal sense. I haven't been tracking on my fitness pal, but mainly because I know how much is too much, etc. I'm confident that I am keeping it to my target or below.

I did take the full rest day this past week. I needed it. I didn't stick to each workout as prescribed. I did a lot more cardio at the gym and some extra walks, but stayed away from high intensity/impact workouts. Today is the last day of July. I CANT BELIEVE IT! A full month has come and gone. Tonight is my last workout of the July schedule: Cardio X!

Tomorrow is my weigh-in and measurements. I've cheated a few times taking my weight, so I know about where I'm at... but I have not picked up the tape measure even one time - so I'm really looking forward to seeing some type of results (i hope). I know my clothes are looser and I've tightened my belt a few notches, and that's pretty awesome.

I know that I feel like I look better. I'm looking forward to jumping into August. I need to re-read Carroll's plan for the month and really take it in. There's a lot of information and lots of changes. Maybe I'll read it once Patrick goes to bed.

I'll be posting weight and measurements tomorrow. Wish me luck! <3

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 25
Time: Not completed
Bonus 2 Mile Walk

At lunch I took a bonus walk. Look how happy it made me!

The story behind the picture is that I tried to take a full body shot to show my mad style during my lunch walks. Showing the full business attire and my Asics running sneakers. haha It's quite the sight! But I couldn't fit everything. Ah well.

My walk was lovely. I fully enjoyed strolling through the rich neighborhoods near work with my tunes. The walk was a little over 2 miles, but I accidentally closed the map my walk app while I was shutting down other apps to save battery life. So i'm not sure exactly how far it was. That's okay though because it was just a bonus walk.

By the time I was able to do the Spartan it was after 9pm. We had pizza for dinner (2 small/medium slices) and I had 1 Pepsi. Really really stupid to eat a dinner like that before doing the Spartan. I did everything but the walking planks and burpees. I just had no strength or desire to continue. Note to self- never have a meal like that on Spartan night.

Tonight is my rest night. I did have plans to meet some friends for drinks in Somerville after work, but with the shitty weather on the way we decided to postpone. This gives me the chance to make up for the Cardio X I had skipped. That makes me happy.