Monday, July 16, 2012

Days 12

Calories: 1,815 *including 1 Pepsi

Day 13
Cardio X

Calories: 1,662 *including 1 Pepsi

I didn't want to do this. I had done a little running around preparing for a camping trip, and didn't get home until 9pm. I wrote Emma and told her I wanted to skip the day, and that I needed her to talk me out of it. Just writing her and admitting I wanted to skip made me put on my sneakers and just do it. By the time she wrote back I was already half way done. YAY.

Days 14 & 15
Day 7 Workout & Cardio X

I was camping, so I did not complete these workouts. I vow to not completely skip any workouts, so I will be making them up. So far today I have already done my walk. I plan to complete ab ripper x when I get home. And then do the skipped Cardio X when my I put Patrick to bed. I'll update if I complete all this.

I'm not exactly sure where I will fit in the skipped Day 7 workout, but I will fit it in.

I did not track calories on my fitness pal over the weekend because I had no cell service. However, I'm about 99.99% sure I kept it under 1800 calories. Both days the only snack food I had was carrot sticks and grape tomatoes, despite there being plenty of crap food I could have eaten.

This update is shitty. Hopefully I'll have a good one tonight/tomorrow.

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