Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 1 was a complete and total success! I used 'my fitness pal' to track my calories throughout the day. I did what I often do on the first day of watching what I eat... I ate too little. At the end of the day I had 435 calories left before reaching 1800 for the day. Today I have planned better for meals and snacks so that I reach the 1800 mark with healthy calories.

I don't plan on always blogging exactly what I eat, but I will blog about my total caloric intake. In the beginning while I figure out this new way of eating and what works/doesn't work energy wise - I'll keep record.

whole wheat toast w/ tablespoon peanut butter
1 1/2 cups fresh tomatoes
1 1/2 cups home made chili
spring mixed greens salad with grilled chicken
2-3 cups watermelon 
6 oz spiral ham
2 cups blueberries

Total Calories: 1365 

*A little note on the food- I know this doesn't fall in line with the outline that Carroll gave me for daily eating. I want to take this first week (or two?) to explore what I can use to make up an 1800 calorie diet. I did pickup some to-go tuna packets to help make the protein more portable (and easy). I may find I don't have enough energy to get through the workouts without all the protein she recommended. 

Cardio X - P90X

Cardio X was friggin awesome! I really enjoyed the workout, while simultaneously having my ass kicked. It sure as shit wasn't a pretty workout, but I completed it. I took 2 breaks just long enough to refill my water. In some of the moves I was slower than the DVD, but I kept moving through it. For example: During Superman/Banana - I focused more on holding the position, and rolling to the other position properly rather than keep up with the insane pace they were keeping. I'm cutting myself slack since it was day 1. 

This morning my upper back/shoulder blade region is sore, but the good sore. I brought my socks & sneakers and I hope to do my walk during my lunch break.

My real triumph of day 1 was the willpower I exhibited at my brothers yesterday. I declined pepsi, beer, pizza and brownies.

One day down and a lifetime to go.

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