Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have slacked in my blogging for the past week. I've had other things weighing heavily on my mind. In any event, I'm not sure when I did what. I do know that I have stopped calorie counting in the formal sense. I haven't been tracking on my fitness pal, but mainly because I know how much is too much, etc. I'm confident that I am keeping it to my target or below.

I did take the full rest day this past week. I needed it. I didn't stick to each workout as prescribed. I did a lot more cardio at the gym and some extra walks, but stayed away from high intensity/impact workouts. Today is the last day of July. I CANT BELIEVE IT! A full month has come and gone. Tonight is my last workout of the July schedule: Cardio X!

Tomorrow is my weigh-in and measurements. I've cheated a few times taking my weight, so I know about where I'm at... but I have not picked up the tape measure even one time - so I'm really looking forward to seeing some type of results (i hope). I know my clothes are looser and I've tightened my belt a few notches, and that's pretty awesome.

I know that I feel like I look better. I'm looking forward to jumping into August. I need to re-read Carroll's plan for the month and really take it in. There's a lot of information and lots of changes. Maybe I'll read it once Patrick goes to bed.

I'll be posting weight and measurements tomorrow. Wish me luck! <3

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