Monday, July 9, 2012

Days 5, 6, 7 & 8
Shit! I definitely let the blogging slide a bit here. In an effort to not get overwhelmed I'm going to give a quick overview of the last few days.

Day 5: Rest Day 
Calories: 1,644 (including 1 pepsi)
I didn't really keep this as a rest day. I took a 2.5 mile brisk walk on my lunch break to keep my momentum going. I needed it. I think full rest days are too dangerous for me!

Day 6: Cardio X
Calories: 1,424 (including 1 pepsi)
This workout was awesome. I'm really really enjoying Cardio X. It's by far my favorite workout of the week, which is good since it hits the calendar 3 times! haha. I really enjoy the yoga part, except that when I'm in plank I can't swing my leg to my chest to get into runners pose because my stomach gets in the way. I don't skip it, I just have to get up a little- get into runners pose, and then continue from there. One day, in the not too distant future, I hope to not have to modify.

Day 7: 3 minutes Jump Rope, 10 sets of Pushups in descending order (set of 10, set of 9, set of 8 etc.), 3 minutes Jump Rope, 20 Burpees, 3 minutes Jump Rope, 30 Squats, 3 minutes Jump Rope (for the rest of July, this will be known as Day 7 workout)
Calories: ???
Time: 32 minutes 
I did my workout in the morning. WHEW! I did not use a jump rope. I did the Cardio X version of jumping rope so that I could do this inside my house. The 10 sets of pushups shredded my arms! I didn't skip out on any, but my rest time was close to 45 seconds in between sets. I don't think we needed to time this workout, but Emma did - so I did, too.

Later that day we had a pig roast/bbq to attend. I was nervous about it because I've already said I have a hard time with temptation. Mathieu and I picked up a 6 pack of Mayflower IPA for us to share. Assuming that would mean at most, I'd be having 3 beers, which would already be 1 more then I'm allowed. I'm not going to  harp on it, because I'm enough upset at myself as it is... but when our beers were gone, we went to the packie. Once I was drunk, I made poor food choices and had a cheeseburger + potato chips. I didn't track my calories for the day because I could really only venture a guess. Like I said, I can't sit here and dwell on it, because this is typically when I spiral down and lose sight of the big picture. I'm deciding instead to just move on.

Day 8: Cardio X
Calories: 1,116
My penance for sabotaging my progress on Saturday was to do my Cardio X hungover. I paid for it in full, but I finished. Taking a pause for 45 seconds to not throw up. As far as food and Calories, I thought it would be best to detox my body of the shit I had the day before. I made a huge pot of home made veggie soup, and a huge bowl of fruit cup. Both will last a few days. Fruit cup for breakfast, chicken breast for lunch, and soup for dinner. I ate the fruit cup throughout the day for snack whenever I needed something. I mean- who could resist this!

And the finished product:
I was hoping to do my 3 mile walk during my lunch break today, but I had a meeting that I forgot about. Ooops! So I'll try to do the walk as soon as I get home. It's very dangerous to get comfortable at home after work... I'll try not to skip too many days blogging. It's really too much to remember. I'm glad I've been tracking calories in the my fitness pal. One less thing to forget.

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