Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 11: Spartan 300
Calories: 1542
Time: 29:03

I did better on the Spartan than last week. My time is still garbage, but I finished way more this go round. I do need to ask Carroll if it's okay to jump around on the workouts. (It's not okay! See update below)  For instance, start with the 30 squats, but then do 10 pushups, 30 lunges, 10 pushups, 30 jumping jacks, then finish the 10 pushups. And the same for the rest of the workouts. Sort of sprinkle them in there. Last week I felt like I lost a lot of time on taking a rest between sets where I wasn't doing anything at all. I'm not sure if moving the workouts around defeats the purpose though.

Anyways, I still did leg lifts instead of sit ups. And I only did 20 burpees. I had done 10 at 25 minutes in. It took me another 4 minutes to do the other 10. And I felt like I was close to pulling a muscle,so I did not try for the last 10. Although I was 10 shy on the burpees, I still did much better than last week. So that's good, aye? I'm a sweaty mess, and I need to put my kid to bed so I can have some quiet time. I'm going to enjoy every minute.

UPDATE: The verdict is in... Do not jumble around the workouts or modify unless completely necessary after doing as many of the right ones first. So I inadvertently cheated a little bit last night on the Spartan. Next week I'll be sure to do the real deal. My finish time might be somewhere around the 1 hours mark, but fuck it. It will only get better from there.

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