Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 18
Spartan 300
Time: 27.55 

Calories: 1,478

I'm pretty sure I'm still on cloud 9. Last night I felt stronger than I've ever been. I was ripping through the workouts faster than I've done [side note: by that I mean my personal best time. my partner is still embarrassing me with her incredible time, but I digress], until I hit the walking planks. I psyched myself out wicked bad. I did 3 and fell on my face. Rather than get discouraged, I moved on... I did not modify any workout. I did real situps, but I did anchor my feet under my coffee table. (is that modifying?).

I struggled through the burpees and looked at my time. 21.48! I was energized to finish completely. I did all 30 walking planks at the end. My total finish time was 27:55. I couldn't believe it. The first time I ran through this workout a few weeks ago, I was modifying a few of the parts, and I still wasn't finishing all 30 of a lot of these. Last night, my time was better than it's ever been, and I finished everything.

Granted, I did do the walking planks at the end. So I did move that piece. But now that I know I can do them, and I don't need to psych myself out, I will not shift a single thing next week. At the end I felt like I could vomit. I felt a little nauseous for about a half hour, but I also felt high. :)

Tonight is a rest night, but I think I have determined that rest nights are actually bad for me. I may do that Day 7 workout to make up for the one missed. If I'm feeling a little too stiff, I might just take a nice long walk. A piece from Cardio X has sort of become my mantra. The guy says "I don't care if it looks pretty, I just want you to keep moving."

It sure as shit doesn't look pretty, but I'm going to keep moving.

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