Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 25
Time: Not completed
Bonus 2 Mile Walk

At lunch I took a bonus walk. Look how happy it made me!

The story behind the picture is that I tried to take a full body shot to show my mad style during my lunch walks. Showing the full business attire and my Asics running sneakers. haha It's quite the sight! But I couldn't fit everything. Ah well.

My walk was lovely. I fully enjoyed strolling through the rich neighborhoods near work with my tunes. The walk was a little over 2 miles, but I accidentally closed the map my walk app while I was shutting down other apps to save battery life. So i'm not sure exactly how far it was. That's okay though because it was just a bonus walk.

By the time I was able to do the Spartan it was after 9pm. We had pizza for dinner (2 small/medium slices) and I had 1 Pepsi. Really really stupid to eat a dinner like that before doing the Spartan. I did everything but the walking planks and burpees. I just had no strength or desire to continue. Note to self- never have a meal like that on Spartan night.

Tonight is my rest night. I did have plans to meet some friends for drinks in Somerville after work, but with the shitty weather on the way we decided to postpone. This gives me the chance to make up for the Cardio X I had skipped. That makes me happy.

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