Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goals, stress factors & what I'm looking forward to most.
Thursday already? This week pretty much got away from me. I want to finish up my homework so here goes...

Goals - Carroll has always emphasized the importance of both short term measurable goals, and the long term goal. I have my ultimate goal(s) figured out, but I've only got a few short term goals for now. I'll have some more once July 1st rolls around and I see what this journey starts to shape into. 

Ultimate long term goals
Drop my weight to 150lbs
Run a 10k
Complete a Spartan Sprint (or similar endurance/obstacle race)

That number isn't as random as it sounds. 150lbs would give me a BMI of 25, bringing me at the high end of the "normal weight" range for my height. I remember my body at that weight, and I know it's a doable number if I really push myself.

Short term goals
Lose 10 pounds
Run a 5k in under 30 minutes (current personal best 32:26)

What scares me the most: Failure. I have lost weight and gained it back more times that I can count. This time I wouldn't just be letting myself down... I would be letting Carroll down. I plan on using that as motivation. So, aside from that obvious fear, taking and posting my photos was terrifying.

Stress factors: Temptation. I have no kind of will power to speak of. Offer me a beer? Yes please! Pepsi? Sure, I'll have one! Cookie? Don't mind if I do! For real, I need to work on that. There's temptation everywhere and that stresses me out. 

What I'm looking forward to the most: Feeling comfortable in my own body! I'm so insecure in the way that I look and I'm tired of that. It's as simple as that. 

It's hot as hell today. I'm not sure what type of workout I will get in tonight. It may be that I just go to the gym for some cardio. I will do something, though.

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